Not filing company tax return in the prescribed manner can lead to many troubles for your firm. Hence, you need to extra cautious and careful when filing for company tax return. Here are some of the most common mistakes people make you must avoid:

Incorrect Details

One of the biggest mistakes people make when filing for company tax return is entering incorrect details. Whether you have mistakenly entered wrong details or deliberately, they can lead to great troubles ahead. Thus, when filing for company tax return, it is important to double check all the details at the time of filing.

Incomplete Details

Similar to incorrect details, leaving certain sections empty can make filing a troublesome process. All the important details must be entered at their designated places. After entering all the information, it should be rechecked to ensure that no there are no incomplete details.

Missing the Deadline

Another major issue faced by the business entities, when filing for return, is missed deadlines. This is a grave mistake, which shouldn’t be made at any cost. If you have missed the deadline, you may have to bear penalties and fines that can burn a hole in your pocket.

Calculating Taxes on the Eleventh Hour

Calculating taxes at the last minute is another mistake which many people are guilty of making. There are greater chances of making mistakes and incomplete details when you are rushing through the procedure. In addition to that, there is also a risk of miscalculations in hurry. Therefore, make sure you are avoiding calculating taxes on the eleventh hour and starting them early.

Hiding Income

If you are thinking of hiding income in order to pay lower taxes, consider revising your decision is this mistake can lead to dire circumstances. Your banking information can be traced to ensure you have entered accurate income when filing for company tax return. Hence, it is recommended to state accurate information in order to avoid landing in a hassle-full situation in later stages.

Not Signing the Return

Another mistake you should avoid! If you have forgotten to sign company tax return, it will delay the procedure. You may receive a letter from authorities containing a request for your signature.

Forgetting to Mention the Date

Mentioning the date on which you are filing company tax return is important. Therefore, you shouldn’t miss out on writing it. In case you have mistakenly sent the return without mentioning the date, you may have to face a similar process as with not signing the return mistake.

Final Thoughts

Now that you are aware of mistakes you should avoid, pay complete attention when filing the return and make sure no mistake is committed. A complete return with accurate information will result in a quick process. On the other hand, incomplete return filing or if it contains mistakes, it will not only delay the process but also land you in tough circumstances.

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