It is needless to explain the importance of an accounting company for any small business in the operation. Nevertheless, if you intend to end up with one of the best accounting companies, be sure to put the following questions on the table and your chances of succeeding are massive!

How impressive your service history is?

You don’t want to risk your brainchild’s success by hiring a total novice accountant; so, be sure to ask the potential accounting companies for how long they have been in the business. It is always better to rely on a seasoned candidate other than hiring someone new to the field.

Can you provide a list of your clients?

If a certain accounting company is not capable of showing any reference of their existing clientele, you should probably be looking for someone else. However, if you personally know that the members of the respective firm are professionally qualified and experienced, you may hire them.

What is the mode of communication you use?

It is always important to maintain a very good line of communication with the accounting company you hire. So, be sure about the way they usually communicate with the clients. Are they willing to offer face time (via Skype, for instance)? Or can they visit you in person? Do they send financial documents in an official manner? Are they available to solve urgent matters whenever necessary?

Will you offer the service of a dedicated person?

It is always good to have a dedicated person to handle the issues related to your business. Therefore, give preference to the accounting companies that offer the assistance of a dedicated person. It is a good way to keep your sensitive information more secure.

Can you assess my existing accounting system?

Assessing your existing account system (if you have any) and providing you a feedback about it can be an effective approach. Good accounting companies are always willing to find and rectify the potential errors in the exciting system.

How do you charge?

Be clear about the way they charge. Is it calculated on an hourly basis? Or, is it a fixed rate? Once you are satisfied with all the other aspects of the service provider, discuss the payments before you sign the agreement. Most of the time, accounting companies offer price reductions when signing long-term contracts. However, it is better to go for a short-term contract first and renew it once you are convinced.


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